CIeNET seeks employees that share our belief in quality, integrity and leadership. We focus on high-quality services, and welcome honest and talented employees. For dedicated employees, there are many opportunities for personal growth and leadership training.

An Industry Leading Company

CIeNET has been recognized as a GO100 company by IAOP in the past 14 years consecutively for its continuous growth and development. With 17 site offices across major cities in the Greater China, U.S., Canada and Europe, CIeNET shall bring its employees more global opportunities.


Innovation isn’t just a buzz word at CIeNET, it’s one of the pillars on which we operate and differentiate ourselves from competitors. CIeNET supports internal innovation and entrepreneurship from our employees, we’ve incubated a number of self-proprietary solutions, which are originated by our own technical team. If you have innovative ideas, CIeNET’s sound technical accumulation in software industry shall provide you a solid and incomparable support to turn ideas into reality.

Open-door Policy

In CIeNET, we carry an Open-Door Policy in our manpower management, which encourages communication to start from the bottom of the company to its top. Our Open-Door Policy empowers every employee to have open and straightforward communication to the matters they concern.

Friendly Environment and Team

Although we emphasize hard work and personal growth, we also realize the need for FUN. Our management team encourages and sponsors regular team-building outings for all of our project teams. CIeNET holds weekly table tennis and badminton outings, and regularly plans ski trips, hiking trips, volleyball, basketball and soccer games.

If you have a passion to develop your career at CIeNET, please submit your resume to our Recruiting Department at recruit@cienet.com.cn.