CIeNET’s Over-The-Air solution is designed to address the rapidly increasing demand in the Mobile Internet space to deliver on-time / on-demand software updates to cutting-edge and fully-connected devices. COTA’s unique design is industry-independent and scalable to handle over millions of concurrent devices.

COTA Features

  • Supporting software upgrade for smart devices including smart phones, tablets, set-top boxes, IVI, smart appliances and wearable devices
  • Cloud-based solution deployable on AWS, Aliyun and Azure
  • Powerful rule engine supporting flexible download rules
  • Standard APIs

COTA’s functionalities include Role-based User Management, Package & Download Rule Management, Download Rule Configuration & Reporting, and Package & Download Analysis & Statistics. COTA successfully provided a secure, robust and highly efficient OTA platform for one of the world’s top3 PC manufacturers to update the OS, drivers and applications of their smart devices. CIeNET helped the customer deliver upgrade packages to 3 million mobile devices with stability/reliability over 99.99%, based on a server cluster in AWS cloud (EC2, S3, RDS, CloudFront), and HTTP-based (RESTful) APIs for devices.

Devices COTA Supports