The Healthcare industry is witnessing rapid changes with the expansion of digitization in both supplier chain and consumer behaviors, where patient experience and financial costs drive the innovation of the industry. These changes have forced healthcare organizations to reassess and modernize their current systems as well as develop new business and technology capabilities.

How CIeNET Helps

We support healthcare organizations through smarter operations which enable them to accelerate their innovation agenda, achieve their strategic goals of increasing market strength and improve their quality of care while making healthcare accessible anytime, anywhere.

Our team of experts delivers large scale transformation programs that:

  • Improve patient/member centricity
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Streamline operations and optimize cost
  • Boost operational efficiencies

Segments We Serve

  • Hospital Mobility
  • Medical Electronic Data Capture System
  • Medical Software Development Service
  • Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Microwave Ablation
  • Healthcare Cloud Service
    • Medical Data Acquisition and Storage
    • Medical Data Statistic and Analysis
  • Medical Monitoring Device


  • Deep understanding of healthcare ecosystem
  • Extensive capabilities in connected and wearable technology
  • Enterprise solutions to improve efficiency and customer experience