Service Models

CIeNET delivers five business models, which can address different demands of our customers.

Offshore Development Center
  • A dedicated core team
  • Ready-to-use infrastructure
  • A dedicated security policy, including electronic access control systems, 24/7 video surveillance, security personnel, secure firewall networks
  • Full IPR protection
  • Utilize existing development teams and technologies
  • Build best practices by leveraging CIeNET’s experiences across products, industries and technologies
  • Convert fixed costs into variable costs
Technical Solution
  • Provide high quality and cutting-edge solutions customized to customers’ needs
  • Offer value and stability by leveraging CIeNET-developed software
Why CIeNET’s Technical Solution?
  • Accelerate software development and product design efficiency
  • Flexible integration and easy implementation
  • Faster and more predictable product launches
On-site Managed Service
  • Quickly deploy a team of technical experts at customers’ R&D facilities
  • Efficient engineering service and professional project and team management
Why CIeNET’s On-site Managed Service?
  • Minimize the development and test environment costs
  • Increase efficiency and competitiveness
Technical Consulting
  • Understand customers’ technical challenges and provide solutions
  • Well-suited for customers looking for specialized industry expertise
  • Rapid prototyping and successfully develop and prove PoC solutions
Why CIeNET’s Technical Consulting?
  • Help penetrate emerging markets
  • Optimize work efficiency and end-product quality
  • Leverage subject-matter experts (SME)
On-site Consultant
  • Enable customers to supplement staffing needs
  • Benefit from our commitment to understanding customer needs and developing long-term working relationships
  • Adapt to any management infrastructure
Why CIeNET’s On-site Consultant?
  • Quickly adapt to customer organization to form high-performance teams
  • Extensive recruiting expertise
  • Efficient and cost-effective team ramp up
  • Extensive first-hand knowledge of the Chinese talent pool and its complexities