Code of Conduct

At CIeNET we are dedicated to working with our employees, partners, vendors, and customers to deliver high quality services and products in the most effective way. We commit to conducting all of CIeNET’s affairs and activities with the highest standards of ethical conduct. CIeNET’s Code of Conduct provides guidance for our decisions and actions during daily work.

We commit to the responsible use of CIeNET’s assets, to provide the highest quality services to customers, to respect the confidentiality of customers’ Intellectual Property Rights and other information, to comply with all rules and regulations, and to proactively promote ethical behavior.

CIeNET supports the United Nations Global Compact initiative. In order to make this commitment clear to interested parties, the following Code of Conduct is based on the Global Compact’s ten principles and is publicly available.

If you encounter unfair treatment in the process of cooperating with CIeNET, which seriously affects our cooperation, please report it through the following channel:

Environmental Protection
Due to global warming, the environment in which we all live is under increasingly serious threat. As a responsible enterprise, we have the duty to maintain the place which we call home. CIeNET has always been an advocate for and practitioner of environmental protection, and we include this responsibility in our mission.
Our leadership in the engineering and technology consulting services market gives us a responsibility to all our stakeholders. For this reason, CIeNET has put Ethics and Sustainable Development at the heart of its strategy and is building its growth around two basic principles: integrity and transparency.