Our leadership in the engineering and technology consulting services market gives us a responsibility to all our stakeholders. For this reason, CIeNET has put Ethics and Sustainable Development at the heart of its strategy and is building its growth around two basic principles: integrity and transparency. CIeNET takes practical measures in three key areas:

Respect for the environment and human rights are pillars of our corporate social responsibility. Each site plays an active role in promoting Sustainability Management.

CIeNET is determined to outlaw all forms of corruption in its business activities. The Anti-Corruption Code is a guide to be applied day-to-day to prevent and combat corruption and conflicts of interest. It supplements our Ethics and Compliance Management Policies and reiterates the key principles to be upheld in the area of business ethics. Combating corruption is a matter for all employees. We must lead by example and bring this message of “zero tolerance” to all our stakeholders.

Finally, CIeNET is committed to maintaining lasting relationships with our stakeholders. It is our responsibility to develop trust-based relationships with our employees, clients, suppliers, and shareholders.

Each employee, irrespective of hierarchy or responsibilities, must act in accordance with the CIeNET’s ethical culture.


According to the requirements of the company’s integrity supervision committee, we regularly conduct publicity and education for employees. The requirements specify the various types of corruption that must be prohibited for the purpose of seeking improper benefits, and also sets punishment measures for corruption of different severity to ensure that all kinds of corruption will be punished accordingly.

If you encounter unfair treatment in the process of cooperating with CIeNET, which seriously affects our cooperation, please report it through the following channel: