Business and operational complexities in the energy industry are increasing and accelerating. We address emerging business challenges by aligning people with processes and driving operational excellence with technical solutions. We offer visibility across the enterprise and supply chain for customers to access accurate data, collaborate, and make timely and informed decisions.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the technology investments in energy and utilities are being prioritized on the presence of alternative energy, environmental impact, energy capture and distribution. There is a need for business process modeling and optimization, as well as process-oriented technologies for operational efficiency and performance improvement.

How CIeNET Helps

We provide customers domain expertise and technology excellence to optimize energy consumption, maintain a healthy and productive environment, update aging facilities and connect to the integrated solutions.

We help customers harness emerging technologies to

  • Increase automation and optimize processes
  • Increase production
  • Reduce/avoid capital and operating expenditures
  • Increase/accelerate recognition of reserves
  • Improve collaboration and decision support

Segments We Serve

  • Manufacturing Execution System for Solar Energy Device
  • Oil Field Service Applications Development
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Reservoir and Production Optimization
  • Oil Well Placement, Construction and Stability
  • Portable Device Development for Energy Industry
  • Remote Energy Management System Development


  • Offer insights and recommendations based on deep domain and technology experience
  • Employ industry-leading expertise to assess, design, plan and deploy process and technology improvements
  • Apply effective project management practices to ensure cost and time effective results