Service Types

CIeNET provides four types of service: development, testing, architect design and turnkey solution.


CIeNET provides software development service to customers in a number of industries and various technical domains. With the CMMI and Agile certificated software development processes and efficiently managed project teams, we help customers develop products with timely delivery, high quality and less maintenance effort.

CIeNET software development competence covers many of today's most popular software technologies in Telecom, Mobile, Embedded, IoT, Automotive and Enterprise Solution domains. We follow the technical trend closely, invest and build related competence proactively to make sure we have the needed competence when customers request corresponding service.

Sample Projects:
  • In-Vehicle Infotainment System
  • Telematics Backend Cloud Service
  • Billing and Customer Care System
  • Smart Phone and Tablet
  • Mobile Application for iOS and Android Platforms
  • Video-Based Mobile Messaging System
  • Telecom Core Network System
  • Data Communication Product
  • GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/LTE Base Station
  • Number Portability System
  • Oil Field Service Application
  • WeChat Gateway for IoT solution
  • Postage Meter – Embedded Software System
  • Manufacture Execution System Development
  • Mobile Hospital Solution

CIeNET provides end-to-end testing solutions including test strategy definition, test planning, test cases and scripts design, test implementation, quality assessment, and post-test support. Our extensive software testing experience and quality assurance process offer high quality, low-risk, and immediate available testing services. We help organizations launch high quality products within tight schedules.

Our mature testing management processes cover test lifecycle management, testing team competence management, resource management, and testing project management. We continue to refine and improve the processes for the best test efficiency.

In 2010, we established CIeNET Software Test Center (CSTC) to provide test solution services to our global customers.

The CSTC capabilities
  • Over 300 testers working in CSTC department in 8 major sites within CIeNET with strong automation and manual test capability
  • Sound experience in handling large-scale off-shore test projects for world class MNCs with proven track record, including top tier mobile phone manufacturers in Europe, Japan, China and Canada, as well as top chipset manufacturers
  • Support of a rich variety of test types, including functional and non-functional test, specific test, field test, as well as other tests like PC tool and user manual test.
  • Support of automation tests for smart devices and mobile apps, from functionality test, stability test, monkey test, performance test, power consumption test, interaction test to compatibility test, etc
Sample Projects:
  • In-Vehicle Infotainment System Test
  • Smartphone Test
  • Smart TV Test
  • Set-Top-Box Test
  • Server Project Test
  • Smart Appliance Test
  • Field Test
  • Google Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) Test
  • China Type Approval (CTA) Test
  • Telecom Equipment (e.g. base station, baseband hardware) Test
  • Windows Application Test
Full Test Lifecycle:
  • Requirements Review
  • Estimate
  • Test Planning
  • Test Case Design
  • Test Automation Development
  • Unit Test
  • Integration Test
  • System Test
  • Acceptance Test
Test Types:
  • Functional Test
  • Performance Test
  • Usability Test
  • Load/Stress/Volume Test
  • Security Test
  • Data and Database Integrity Test
  • Interface Test
  • Installation Test
  • Configuration Test
  • Memory Leak Test
  • Code Coverage Test
  • Compatibility Test
  • Recovery Test
  • Regression Test
  • Sanity Test
Architecture Design

CIeNET has a long history of providing architecture design services to industry leaders and help them build up competence to emerging technologies, optimize performance of existing systems, design large-scale systems with high complexity and reduce time to market.

Our global Technical Architect Group (TAG) works directly with customers' engineering groups and helps them with architecture design for a single product or a product line, as well as establishment and optimization of customers' existing architecture design process. All the architects in our TAG have expert competence in specific industries and can address following requests from customers:

  • Establish the driving architectural requirements
  • Define system architecture
  • Evaluate existing system architecture
  • Scope system architecture
  • Document system architecture

CIeNET TAG can work with customers on both direct participation in the architecture design for their products, as well as training of customer staff in software architecture design and in associated architecture design process. The overall goal is to help the customer in all aspects of software architecture design for products or product lines.

Sample Projects:
  • GSM / CDMA Network OA&M
  • Smart Phone & Tablet Software System
  • Billing and Customer Care
  • Embedded:
    • Connected Home Gateway
  • Telecom:
    • Messaging Dispatch System
  • Automotive:
    • Telematics Data Analytics and Reporting Solution
  • Enterprise:
    • Business Intelligence Solution (CNBI)
    • Social Network Solution
    • Office Automation
  • Banking:
    • Payment Collection System
Turnkey Solution

CIeNET is recognized by industry leaders as a professional turnkey solution service provider, we have successful track records of delivering comprehensive enterprise solutions using our proprietary service development platform, TAS(TrueConverge Application Server), and our mobile development platform, CAMP(CIeNET Advanced Mobile Development Platform).

TAS enables development of innovative web-based solutions with high quality, less development cost, rapid development cycle and high operation efficiency. It is designed to drastically reduce time-to-market, increase revenue and ensure a highly customizable and maintainable future-proof system.

Features of TAS include:
  • JavaEE-based architecture
  • Code auto generation & collaborative framework
  • Built on top of open-source & JBoss/WildFly application server
  • Support various commercial database
  • Pluggable module oriented applications
  • Rich set of re-used programming components
  • Horizontal scalability through clustering
  • Internationalization support
  • High throughput processing
  • Carrier grade reliability and high availability design

CAMP is a platform with a series of hosted services, tools and guidelines for software developers to deliver mobile software in a timely manner with high quality. It translates to faster time-to-market and lower development and maintenance costs.

Features of CAMP include:
  • Code hosting service with modern UI
  • Integration support for OSX and Linux
  • Automated code generation
  • Convert existing code for reuse
  • Consistent development methodologies and processes
  • White-list 3rd-party code management
Sample Projects:
  • Video-Based Mobile Messaging System
  • China's first Number Portability System
  • Telematics Data Analytics and Reporting Solution
  • Business Intelligence Solution

CIeNET also offers cutting-edge and high-quality solutions that can be immediately leveraged by customers to help improve their product performance and operational efficiency. The common practice is that we offer these solutions bundled with professional engineering services for the best customer satisfaction.

Sample Solutions:
  • Automated Test System for Automotive (C-ATS AUTO)
  • Integrated Firmware and Software Wireless Update Solutions (COTA)
  • Android-Based In-Vehicle Infotainment System (C-IVI)