C-ATS Auto™

The evolution of the 21st century automobile is creating increased pressure for automakers to deliver a superior in-car experience for passengers and drivers alike. The rapid developments of in-car digital technology is creating new challenges for software development and redefining the emphasis placed on testing and quality assurance. CIeNET addresses these important challenges that OEMs and Tier 1 companies face by providing the best in-class solution leveraging our CIeNET Automated Test System for Automotive (C-ATS Auto™).

C-ATS Auto™ provides an automated software testing platform, including test management system, test executor, and easy-to-use test script development tools. C-ATS Auto™ has a high automation rate of In-vehicle Infotainment (IVI) software testing through a variety of test scenario simulations and also a complete set of auto check test results.

We help OEMs and Tier 1 companies improve test efficiency, reduce product time-to-market and ensure high product quality for automotive infotainment systems.

Software Testing Challenges

Intelligent Scripting Environment

C-ATS Auto™  Features

  • Vehicle BUS (CAN/LIN/FlexRay) Simulation
  • Ignition Simulation
  • Chime Recognition
  • Speech Recognition
  • USB Plug in/out Simulation
  • Text & Image Compare
  • Android & iOS Devices Supported
  • AI-based Log Analysis & In-depth Test Report
  • Screen Capture from Multiple Displays
  • Easy Scripting without Coding Background
  • XML and Python Scripting Languages Supported
  • Graphical Test Studio
  • Multi-tasking and Flexible Deployment
  • Dynamic Task Assignment
  • Remote Test Executor Configuration

Targeted DUT Features

C-ATS Auto™  Architecture

C-ATS Auto™ Benefits

C-ATS Auto™ Video