Semiconductor technology influences almost each industry segment directly or indirectly, either by enabling newer capabilities in hardware products or new categories of products and services through innovations in wireless technology. The key imperatives that the Semiconductor industry now has to address are product and technology diversity, complexities, time-to-market expectations and also a balance between global and local market needs.

How CIeNET Helps

  • Customized Software Solution: leveraging our software abilities, operator support and technical support services
  • OEM Total Solution: offering rapid UI/ROM development, test automation framework and factory tool integration
  • Factory Integrated Solution: providing end-to-end services to the semiconductor value chain, including tailored OS development, test tool development, hardware and peripheral device enablement, peripheral device validation, auto test scripts, device image download and multiple device support

Segments We Serve

  • Chipset Development
  • Embedded Engineering
  • Android Porting Development
  • Reference Design and Prototyping


  • Comprehensive experience: for more than a decade, we’ve been working with top chipset manufacturers and providing services to over 40 cities. We provide customers with a comprehensive portfolio of engineering, manual and automated testing and enterprise IT solutions to enable strategic partnerships
  • Engineering know-how: we offer engineering design services for semiconductors in concept, architecture, design implementation, synthesis, and post-silicon validation
  • Expertise: our extensive partnerships with customers have allowed us to build a deep base of knowledge and expertise in transforming their business processes while optimizing their operational costs