Platform Solution

BUILDING BLOCKS- Proven Reusable Platforms

Create stunning applications without worrying about the fundamentals

CIeNET’s TAS and CAMP platform solutions facilitate development with a wide range of reusable, proven, and integrated components. The platforms include a number of tools that enable trouble-free system development, testing, and deployment. The tools create code that’s robust, effective, and easy to maintain, and have been successfully used for many applications in production environment. Our reusable platforms help customers reduce development time and improve reliability.

TAS- TrueConverge Application Server

TAS contains a rich set of frameworks and interfaces enabling service providers to rapidly develop, integrate, and deploy innovated services and applications with carrier grade quality.

Featured Functionalities:

  • Comprehensive architecture and designs allow developer focus on customer’s business need; platform takes care of underlined infrastructure need
  • Open standards facilitate easy integration with third-party applications
  • Feature-rich, customer-centric, high quality product and services goal can be achieved with agility
  • Consistent development methodologies and processes for control and predict time to market

CAMP- CIeNET Advanced Mobile-Development Platform

CAMP is a platform with a series of hosted services, tools and guidelines for software developers to deliver mobile applications in a timely manner with high quality. CAMP translates to faster time-to-market and lower development and maintenance costs.

Featured Functionalities:

  • Code hosting service with modern UI
  • Integration support for macOS and Linux
  • Automated code generation
  • Convert existing code for reuse
  • Consistent development methodologies and processes
  • White-list 3rd-party code management