Environmental Protection

Due to global warming, the environment in which we all live is under increasingly serious threat. As a responsible enterprise, we have the duty to maintain the place which we call home. CIeNET has always been an advocate for and practitioner of environmental protection, and we include this responsibility in our mission.

Our Mission

To fulfill our social responsibility, CIeNET embeds good corporate citizenship into our business practices. We built up our HSEMS (Health, Safety, Environmental Management System) to commit to protecting employees’ safety and the environment.

We believe we can run our business without overusing the earth’s resources and destroying the environment. That’s why we take responsibility for the impact of our entire value chain, including the complete life cycle of our production tools, as well as our facilities. This includes supporting environmental innovation that helps us achieve our goals and providing services to our customers in an environmentally friendly way.

Our Strategy

We focus our environmental work on areas where we believe we can make continuous improvements. Our strategy is based on quantifiable KIPs and input from external stakeholders. What we learn drives our mission: to provide our services in an environmentally friendly way. Achieving this goal requires focus and innovation in saving electricity, controlling business travel, and using equipment in environmentally friendly ways.

Our Actions

We’ve set internal measurement to track and calculate our carbon footprint and to identify the environmental impact of our business. Our goal is to find solutions to minimize CIeNET’s impact on the environment. By working with teams across the company, we’ve taken measures to reduce our equivalent carbon emissions continuously.

Besides measuring data, we also focus on environmental actions during our daily work.

  • We use virtualization technology, data optimization technology, data deduplication technology, software scheduling, and management technology to improve the utilization efficiency of IT equipment.
  • We purchase equipment with a high energy-efficiency ratio.
  • We advocate for good habits when using electrical appliances to avoid an unconscious waste of power.
  • We use video conferencing instead of unnecessary business trips.
  • We use remote training instead of unnecessary on-spot training.
  • We give priority to equipment made of recycled and renewable materials when purchasing.
  • We promote electronic documents and paperless offices and encourage employees to build good habits to make the utmost use of paper.
  • We conduct publicity and provide training to ensure that our employees understand the company’s environmental protection policy.

As a responsible enterprise, we are not only committed to providing a safe and comfortable office environment for our employees, but also have been practicing our environmental responsibility and we are committed to the global climate target of 1.5℃ ambition. We believe that as long as we work together to effectively implement environmental protection measures and increase environmental protection publicity, we will have a better future.