Mobile connectivity has already revolutionized almost every social interaction today, and software and cloud-based services are at its core. People want to bring their digital lives everywhere with them, and the car is no exception. The modern automobile is increasingly a software-driven experience.

The in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system has become the key connection point between carmakers, consumers, and third-party apps. IVI systems already offer several entertainment and audio services. Even video streaming services and location-based advertising are available in some of today’s IVI systems.

The Virtual Cockpit System (VCS) is an extension of the IVI system in the dashboard cluster. The VCS provides even more visibility to the driver and a wider set of features than the IVI system. For example, the traditional speedometer can be displayed in several formats for many cars along with newer features such as navigation instructions, drive mode displays, and head-up-displays that show information such as speed and navigation on the windshield.

These are key points of focus for carmakers to provide value to their customers. Customers in top-selling markets are already favoring in-vehicle connectivity features in their buying decisions. Research shows that over 60 percent of customers say that if another vehicle offers better connectivity, they will switch brands because of that.

Accelerate your IVI with Automated Testing

Besides automated testing, CIeNET offers extensive technical implementation competence in IVI development and design, as well as OTA and back-office services to help complete the development of top-tier carmaker’s IVI systems.

CIeNET offers C-ATS Auto™, a mature and intelligent automated testing solution for verification of IVI and Virtual Cockpit Systems. C-ATS Auto™ provides automated testing execution, test management, script development, and test report analysis to help testers maintain quality during fast release cycles, improve efficiency and optimize the utilization of devices.

C-ATS Auto™ can effectively automate up to 80% of all test cases. The high automation rate comes from CIeNET’s deep understanding of IVI and experience in automated testing. For example, CIeNET recently accomplished testing for 2 models of a top OEM that consisted of 12,000 test cases and over 2,000 requirements. With C-ATS Auto™, CIeNET set up an automation test environment and framework that covered 10 sub-systems on racks and in-car. Using this propriety technology, CIeNET completed acceptance tests for each of the customers’ milestones. Acceptance test were also completed for the crossover multi-displays in the vehicles’ smart cockpit systems to achieve the planned target automation rate.

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