20th July 2016, Beijing

CIeNET, a global leading technical consulting, software engineering, and solution services provider, today announced a formal release of version 2.0 for its MATS AUTO, a dedicated test automation solution for Android IVI.

MATS AUTO, the automated test solution for next gen vehicles, consists of three parts, Test Management System (TMS), NODE and Integrated Development Environment (IDE). To meet the test requirements in a real-car environment, MATS AUTO supports simulation of CAN/LIN messages, the power control through ignition and USB power, voice recognition, sound check and TCP message verification, as well as companion services like calling, SMS and IM etc. Test results from MATS AUTO include test logging, test snapshots and test reports in XML, HTML, and Excel formats. MATS AUTO can also be smoothly incorporated into a client’s existing test environment.

Architecture diagram of MATS AUTO

In version 2.0, Chime verification can help MATS AUTO recognize the different sources of sound in the cabin to better support its automated voice recognition feature. An enhanced tester management helps track testers’ activities with detailed logs to improve the efficiency of test resource utilization.

The newly added features also include:

  • Import test suite from customized EXCEL file
  • Tester management
  • Build Version management
  • Test Plan management
  • Local command, such as shell command
  • Chime verification, including frequency, times, volume of the chime and the average interval time between every two chimes
  • TCP message verification from Ethernet

“MATS AUTO is a unique test automation solution tailored for the automotive industry. As Android OS has become a popular choice for many automakers to power its next-gen IVI, we see a surging demand of test automation correspondingly, which drives our development and continuous upgrade of MATS AUTO. MATS AUTO is not only able to help the cost optimization for test projects by largely reducing the manual test execution efforts, but also enhance the efficiency of resource usage through reusability of test cases and easy system deployment.” said Liu Jia, the Product Manager of MATS AUTO, “MATS AUTO’s strong technical performance is gradually recognized by in-house test teams in those global leading automakers, and now it has already been adopted by one of the top 3 automakers in U.S. to execute test automation for their next-gen Android IVI. With MATS AUTO, test circle shall be reduced from the previous 6 weeks to 1 week, and the direct automation coverage reaches up to 80%. We understand Android IVI would be of great significance in helping automakers win the market, and MATS AUTO is the right gatekeeper to guarantee a qualified and stable Android IVI. In version 2.0, MATS AUTO shall cover more test scenarios for real-car environment, thus can further boost the time-to-market for the next-gen vehicles.”

About CIeNET

CIeNET, an ALTEN Group Company, is a global information technology software development, consulting, and solutions company. Founded in 2000, CIeNET focuses on mobility, embedded systems, and enterprise software technologies delivering services from development centers with customer support offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. CIeNET provides innovative solutions from concept to reality by helping customers bring ideas and products to market quickly and cost-effectively. CIeNET has been recognized by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) as a Global Outsourcing Top 100 company fourteen times in the past years and has received honors from Gartner, IDC and ChinaSourcing. CIeNET has ISO9001 and 27001 certification and CMMI3 certificate with Agile-based processes. For more information, visit www.cienet.com.

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