Michael Yuan, Executive Vice President of CIeNET International was invited to attend Markham’s Annual Mayor’s State of Business Address Luncheon by the mayor Frank Scarpitti. Luncheon attendees included over 500 business leaders, foreign dignitaries, municipal officials and academic professionals.

Michael Yuan (right) is talking with the Markham Mayor in the luncheon

The luncheon is a local tradition held annually to present the outlook and strategic directions for the city of Markham. This year’s luncheon highlights how the next generation people and technology are shaping the future of Markham. What is their attitude towards life and technology, and how Markham can become this generation’s holy land for entrepreneurship and high-tech innovation. Scarpitti believes that Markham is not only the high-tech capital of Canada, but is also becoming the home for Generation Next-ers, as more and more leading-edge companies are putting down roots in Markham.

During the luncheon, Michael was invited to the stage and had a one-on-one dialogue with the Mayor. He discussed the reasons for CIeNET to choose Markham as their Center of Excellence for automotive technologies. He also shared his views on smart car technology, particularly how it can make every day driving so much more enjoyable and efficient.

“Next time, I’m going to drive here,” Michael envisioned during the conversation with the mayor, “My car will drop me off and park itself. When we’re done, I’ll call my car on my wearable device to pick me up. The car will already have the way home mapped out on the GPS. And then it will remind me to pick up milk and the dry cleaning along the way.”

“I already love this car,” joked Scarpitti.

Markham is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. Excellent public infrastructure, convenient location, business-friendly policies, rich technical talents and pro-innovative environment are what attracted CIeNET to expand here. With the strong support from the municipal government and the business partners around this area, CIeNET is very excited to grow and become an active member of the community.

About CIeNET

CIeNET, an ALTEN Group Company, is a global information technology software development, consulting, and solutions company. Founded in 2000, CIeNET focuses on mobility, embedded systems, and enterprise software technologies delivering services from development centers with customer support offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. CIeNET provides innovative solutions from concept to reality by helping customers bring ideas and products to market quickly and cost-effectively. CIeNET has been recognized by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) as a Global Outsourcing Top 100 company fourteen times in the past years and has received honors from Gartner, IDC and ChinaSourcing. CIeNET has ISO9001 and 27001 certification and CMMI3 certificate with Agile-based processes. For more information, visit www.cienet.com.

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