CIeNET Grand Opening

(CIeNET is an international software engineering firm that recently announced its new Canadian Centre of Excellence for Automotive Technologies in Markham, York Region.)

This is the first year that Collision, North America’s fastest growing tech conference, is being held in Toronto, Canada. The 3-day event is expected to attract over 25,000 people. The York Link team is excited to bring the #YRtech Experience Pavilion to #CollisionConf 2019 in Toronto! Eight companies and four major innovation partners, plus a few innovation startups from across the Region will be showcasing their technology and even recruiting tech talent along the way. York Region has a thriving tech community with over 4,300 tech companies, the second largest tech cluster in the Toronto area and Canada.

In our latest #YRtech series interview we’re catching up with AutoTech company, CIeNET. They recently expanded into Canada opening their Canadian Centre of Excellence for Automotive Technologies in Markham, York Region. We caught up with their team to ask a few questions about their presence at Collision, the future of their industry, and what they are looking for in prospective tech talent.

With such a large and varied audience attending Collision, who does CIeNET hope to connect with at the conference and why?

CIeNET is a leading global technology company for technical consulting, software engineering and turnkey solution services with expertise in the following industries: Automotive, Telecom, Electronic Equipment, Semiconductors, Healthcare, Transportation and Logistics, Financial Services and Banking, and Energy.

CIeNET looks forward to connecting with technology influencers and companies changing the landscape of disruptive technologies at Collision to explore opportunities to collaborate, in addition to meeting with prospective job candidates looking to expand their careers in the high-tech industry.

CIeNET Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting

Can you talk about the technology CIeNET will be demonstrating within the #YRtech Experience Pavilion and offer some thoughts on being part of this unique regional technology showcase at Collision?

CIeNET is excited to be one of the exhibitors within York Region’s #YRtech Experience Pavilion. We will be showcasing the CIeNET Automated Test System for Automotives (C-ATS AUTO) with enhanced capabilities to support autonomous driving scenarios in a Virtual Reality environment. CIeNET also plans to attend the B2B meetings to exchange ideas around the core technologies in the areas of autonomous vehicles, AI and Machine Learning with companies in this field.

Being a part of this regional technology showcase will enable the York Region’s partners to share the new initiatives being driven out of Markham and York Region. This will be a great opportunity to connect with and initiate dialogues about potential partnerships and collaborations.

Looking into the future, how will technology continue to transform your company and industry?

As a leading provider of product development, systems engineering, integration, consulting, and testing services, CIeNET believes in the importance of staying on the forefront and continually investing in new and emerging technologies so we can provide our clients with innovative solutions to address their business needs.

Technology will continue to play an important role in the transformation of our company as we follow the industry/market trends, evaluate the role these new technologies will have on each respective industry, and ensure we offer a platform for our engineers to develop the skills needed to stay relevant in this competitive market.

CIeNET Staff

For tech talent on the hunt for a career in this area of tech what skills will set them apart?

CIeNET provides a platform for our engineering teams to gain valuable hands-on experience working on a wide range of projects in the automotive, mobile, telecom, embedded and enterprise industries. With the establishment of our Automotive Center of Excellence in North America, our teams in Canada and in the US are investing in the build-up of autonomous driving and AI-based solutions.

We are looking for self-motivated, technology driven individuals experienced with Android application and framework development, Automotive Infotainment development and testing, Machine AI and Learning fundamentals and strong software programming skills to join our teams in Toronto, Michigan, and Silicon Valley.


This article is quoted from https://www.yorklink.ca/markham-based-cienet-looking-for-autotech-talent-collision/.