Over 10,000 businesses use CMMI models from more than 100 countries. CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is a collection of engineering, management, service, and improvement practices that has been proven to drive business performance. CMMI can be adopted in assessing software engineering contractors and has been in existence for more than 32 years. CMMI-DEV is used for developing engineering systems, products, IT solutions, and software.

The benefits of CMMI affect the organization and its projects depending on the level of implementation. When CMMI is implemented at Level 2, projects run extremely well; and when CMMI is implemented at Level 3, the organization runs extremely well. At CMMI Level 3, the organization communicates effectively, plans work, achieves deadlines, mitigates risks, and finds defects early.

Executing CMMI well involves focusing on results and making processes concise and easily understood. An Agile planning framework is especially helpful. Organizations that do CMMI well must constantly refine their practices to fit any changing needs.

In December 2021, CIeNET was successfully certified in CMMI Version 2.0 at Maturity Level 3. CMMI Version 2.0 officially introduced Agile development into its best practices. Since 2000, CIeNET has deployed CMMI practices in its business and is always on track to improve. The recent migration from CMMI-DEV V1.3 to V2.0 shows CIeNET’s ability to continuously meet the shifting challenges that lie ahead for the organization and the industry head-on.

About CIeNET

CIeNET, an ALTEN Group Company, is a global information technology software development, consulting, and solutions company. Founded in 2000, CIeNET focuses on mobility, embedded systems, and enterprise software technologies delivering services from development centers with customer support offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. CIeNET provides innovative solutions from concept to reality by helping customers bring ideas and products to market quickly and cost-effectively. CIeNET has been recognized by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) as a Global Outsourcing Top 100 company fourteen times in the past years and has received honors from Gartner, IDC and ChinaSourcing. CIeNET has ISO9001 and 27001 certification and CMMI3 certificate with Agile-based processes. For more information, visit www.cienet.com.

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